Pick Up and Delivery Fees

Local Pick Up And Delivery In The Traverse City area!  Maximum distance is 20 miles from our shop.

This service cost is $2.00 per traveled mile each mile each way for the pick up and delivery, we measure only one way (from our shop to your house) and multiply it $8.00 a mile. Example: if you live 10 miles from our shop the it would cost $80.00 the total mileage that we would have to travel would be 40 miles, That would be from our shop to your house to pick up and than back to our shop and than from our shop to your house to drop off and than back to our shop.

We are only covering the cost of fuel, truck repairs and labor to offer you this wonderful service


That’s right, you don’t have to be home for us to pick up or deliver your machine.  We know it’s no fun sitting at home waiting for someone to come by and pick-up your equipment, that’s why we make it easy on you.  You don’t have to sit and wait for us.

When we write up your service order, we will ask you where the machine is (side of the house, shed, backyard…) and will pick it up from where you have it stored.  If you have it stored in your garage or other secured area, all you have to do is leave it outside for our driver.  When your machine is done, we will deliver it back in place for you and leave an envelope with a copy of your work order and receipt.


We’ve been repairing equipment since 2009 and in all that time we have never had a customer lose a piece of equipment.


Simply put, because we don’t want to make a promise we may not be able to keep.

There are a lot of things that can prevent us from being on time, including traffic delays and rental or service calls that require an urgent response.  Rather than have you sitting at home, frustrated that we are not there on time, we ask you to leave the equipment out for us and we will swing by and pick it up as quickly as we can.


Well, when we can get our truck and trailers for free, and get the Commonwealth to not charge us registration, excise tax and inspection fees, and the oil companies to allow us to use their pumps and fuel for free, and get our employees to work for free, and get our insurances for free, then we can deliver for free.

The bottom line answer, even though it is hard to believe that we lose money on our delivery and pick up service.  We charge a fee to help cover some of the costs associated with it but our delivery and pick up charges do not cover all the associated costs.

You can enter your address bellow and click Get Directions to see how may miles it is from our shop to you, multiply by $8.00 and you will have the cost of the service. Also you can get directions to our shop.

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