Menu Pricing

HDR’s Menu Pricing

Now you will know what you are going to pay before we start!

Look below to find the tune up that you need and click it to see what it includes*.

* The following would be up and over the tune up price. Repair parts that are not included in the tune up price, Tax, Pick up and Delivery are not included in the price of the menu pricing please click on the type of equipment to open the page to see all that is included and not, also click on the pick up & delivery fee button at the top of the page to see costs.

$45.00 deposit is required on all equipment left for repair! This goes towards repairs requested or covers diagnostic and estimate for repair! If an estimate is approved this deposit goes towards the repairs agreed upon. If the estimate is not approved this will cover the minimum half hour of labor to complete the diagnostics and estimate. On an estimate the deposit is for diagnostic, tear down and building an estimate only. Additional charges will apply if reassembly is required! If the equipment is covered by warranty the deposit will be refunded to you.