Reel Push Mower Sharpening

Reel type push mowers are becoming very popular, again. They use no gasoline, do not pollute the air, provide a much better cut than power mowers and one benefits from a healthy physical work-out. They are best suited for the small yard while gasoline powered reels are practical for bigger areas of grass.

Here at HDR Small Engine Repair, we clean adjust and put a new edge on your reel mower.

Some words of caution. If you attempt to sharpen a reel mower freehand using a file or a grinding wheel on a drill gun you’re simply going to ruin your machine. 

Reel mowers are fragile — that is to say that dropping or jarring them can put the bed blade out of adjustment. Also, binding sticks, small stones, and other similar debris between the reels and bed blade will bend the bed blade on some models. It’s a good idea to check and clean your yard before you mow. Of course, in most cases, we can make the necessary repairs to put your machine back into like new working order. You’ll notice a set of two adjusting screws on each side of the bed blade. If you make an adjustment to them, be sure that the reel rotates freely, just barely touching the bed blade. You should hear a crisp “whooosh” sound as the reel turns.

Walk-behind Reel Lawn Mower Sharpen $51.00 + pick up & delivery, parts and tax that are not listed below in this package!

    • Sharpen blades adjust and clean

    • Lube all moving parts, check/tighten bolts

    • Test run

(Please note that I do not sell reel mowers or reel mower parts, nor do I sharpen Gang Reels. All equipment is serviced on a Walk-In basis only. For Gang Reel and Engine-Powered Reel sharpening service, I would suggest that you begin by contacting a local golf course and speak with a greens keeper and see if they can provide assistance. Many local hardware stores as well as Sears sell walk-behind reel mowers and I recommend American, Great States and Sears brand names. If you live near my shop, buying used at yard or tag sales for $5-10 will save you lots of money — then bring it here for sharpening. If it looks in good shape and each wheel will independently turn the reel then it probably is in good working order.)