Pressure Washer Tune-Up

Need your Pressure Washer Tuned Up ? Having trouble with your Pressure Washer Running? Or maybe you don’t want to wait until your Pressure Washer has problems. Call now to schedule a Tune-up. A tuned pressure washer lasts longer and runs more efficiently. Let HDR come and pick up your pressure washer and make sure it is working like is should! Just give us a call and we’ll come pick it up! Pick up and Delivery (In the City of Traverse City check our Pick up & Delivery fees page for outside the City of Traverse City) Or Just CLICK HERE

Pressure washer Tune-Up $117.00 + pick up & delivery, parts and tax that are not listed below in this package!

  • Drain and replace engine oil
  • Replace spark plug
  • Clean/replace air filter
  • Replace fuel filter (where applicable)
  • Check/tighten bolts
  • Make needed carburetor adjustments and cleaning
  • Test run

The following items would be extra and over the $117.00 package: pick up and delivery, replacement of belts, cables, carburetor repair parts, or any other parts and labor that would be needed. We always call and let you know if more than the normal is needed to repair your equipment!