Pick Up and Delivery Fees

Free Local Pick Up And Delivery In City of The Traverse City!  That’s a five mile radius of our shop, maximum distance is 30 miles from our shop.

The first five miles are free.  We measure only one way (from our shop to your house) and $4.00 a mile charge after the first five miles,  We cover the first five miles of the one way measured pick up and deliver back.  Example: if you live 10 miles from our shop the it would cost $20.00 the total mileage that we would have to travel would be 40 miles, That would be from our shop to your house to pick up and than back to our shop and than from our shop to your house to drop off and than back to our shop.

We are only trying to cover the cost of fuel and labor to offer you this wonderful service

You can enter your address bellow and click Get Directions to see how may miles it is from our shop to you, than subtract the first 5 mile multiply the remainder by $4.00 and you will have the cost of the service, of course if live 5 miles or less than there is no charge to you.  Also you can get directions to our shop.

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905 Hastings St. Traverse City, MI 49686: